What makes Zio Fungicide so groundbreaking? We asked the scientists who developed it.

Zio fungicide is the first identified and developed turfgrass fungicide from the Genesis platform by AgBiome.  The Genesis platform is designed to collect, isolate, analyze, and test microbes for use as biological control products.  Lab, greenhouse, and field trials have proven Zio’s efficacy on a broad spectrum of common turfgrass pathogens.

Multiple Modes of Action

  • Zio inhibits fungal respiration similar to synthetic chemicals
  • Enzymes breakdown the skeletal structure of fungi and prevent fungal spores from attaching to and infecting plants
  • Colonization of plant parts and soil—competing with pathogens for vital resources
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Multiple modes of action Antimicrobial, enzymatic, and colonizing action prevent resistance development
Broad spectrum of activity Exceptional rotation tool
Easy to use formulation Wettable powder formulation is easy to measure for small or large acreage
Labeled for use on cool- and warm-season turf Excellent turf safety for locations with multiple turf species
OMRI listed Registered for organic use

For more information

For more information about Zio Fungicide, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  Zio may not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow label directions.