With turf PGR season in full-swing, SePRO Summer Deals delivers up to $175 back per container for our high-performing turf PGRs. Including Legacy®, Musketeer®, Cutless® MEC and Cutless 50W, SePRO Summer Deals delivers high quality PGRs at discounted prices.

  • Legacy is our all-around PGR. Excelling in extended length of growth regulation and reducing both the “rebound effect” and Poa annua encroachment in cool- and warm-season turfgrass.
  • Musketeer is SePRO’s triple PGR technology that encapsulates the benefits of a stand-alone paclobutrazol, yet is gentle to both your budget and your turf.
  • Cutless MEC/50W is the premier PGR providing unsurpassed turf quality and color in both cool- and warm-season turfgrasses while efficiently suppressing Poa annua out of your turf.

     Qualifying participants will receive significant rebates on the entire line of turf PGRs, especially Legacy. Rebates will be issued to the authorized SePRO agent who made the sale and then credited to the customer’s account.

Please direct any questions to your local SePRO representative.