Profile Tree Growth Regulator 

     Profile® is a tree plant growth regulator used by professional arborists and utility foresters for management of shoot growth and the reduction of biomass when trees are pruned. Profile may suppress "dbh" growth, or diameter at breast height, which could benefit trees growing in municipal vaults and other confined areas. Profile also offers potential therapy for trees in mild decline.    

Reduced Growth, Improved Resistance

     The active ingredient in Profile is a xylem mobile plant growth regulator which inhibits the production of gibberellic acid, slowing vegetative growth and allowing the tree to re-allocate resources toward enhancing its roots, defensive, storage and reproductive systems. This reduced shoot growth reduces the volume of biomass that must be removed from trees when trimming occurs and may extend the trimming cycle. 

     Much of the energy of a tree is directed towards growth, and the rate of growth is directly related to the rate of energy use. Fast growing trees tend to have shorter lives than trees that grow slowly and can allocate more energy away from the canopy. Profile slows a tree's growing process, possibly extending the life of healthy trees while serving as an effective preventive action or rehabilitative treatment for trees growing in stressful conditions.

  • With one treatment of Profile, vegetative growth is generally reduced by 40 - 60% over a three-year period, depending on the species. Delivering extend pruning cycles that maintain pruning work longer.
  • Increased fine root density in oak, elm and maple trees, which can be beneficial to trees in mild decline,
  • The re-allocation of resources to defense and storage may allow trees treated with Profile to better handle drought, heat and pollution. 

For more information

     For more information about Profile Tree Growth Regulator or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow directions.