Nautique Aquatic Herbicide.

Nautique® is a fast-acting, economical contact pond herbicide that provides localized pondweed control with no water-use or irrigation restrictions. 

Fast Knock Down, Broad-Spectrum Control

Nautique's copper-based formula, the most concentrated chelated copper formula available, works on contact for spot and local treatment of tough weeds like hydrilla, egeria and southern naiad. Able to control a variety of submersed, floating and emergent aquatic weeds, Nautique is ideal for use in slow-moving water bodies such as non-irrigation golf course or ornamental ponds.

The best product available for fast knock down of nuisance aquatic vegetation, Nautique's copper ions inhibit plant photosynthesis, cutting off the food source of undesired plants and providing rapid results.

  • Dual chelating agents keep more active ingredient available in water column vs. other copper-based herbicides
  • Broad-spectrum control of copper-sensitive nuisance aquatic vegetation

For more information

For more information about Nautique Aquatic Herbicide or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow directions.