Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator.

The result of SePRO research, based upon patented turf PGR technology, Musketeer® is the first turf plant growth regulator (PGR) to incorporate Triple Turf PGR Technology to uniquely and effectively suppress gibberellic acid synthesis, delivering superior growth regulation of targeted turfgrass.

Musketeer Features

  • Combines three PGR technologies to uniquely and effectively regulate and enhance targeted turfgrasses
  • Delivers enhanced conversion and suppression of Poa annua by allowing vigorous bentgrass growth compared to formulations of paclobutrazol alone
  • Reduced damage to Kentucky Bluegrass surrounds compared to paclobutrazol alone
  • Excellent turfgrass enhancement and improved color
  • Suppression of Dollar Spot and potential for less fungicide use over time

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More Bentgrass, Less Poa annua

Formulated to aggressively suppress the growth of Poa annua in cool-season turfgrass species while providing excellent turfgrass enhancement, Musketeer delivers more bentgrass and less Poa, without impacting creeping bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass or hybrid bermudagrass.

  • Reduced damage to Kentucky bluegrass surrounds compared to paclobutrazol alone. 
  • Excellent turfgrass enhancement and improved color.
  • Suppression of dollar spot and potential for less fungicide use over time.

Dollar Spot Suppression by Musketeer in Creeping Bentgrass

Two of the active ingredients in Musketeer are structurally similar to pyrimidine and triazole fungicides that provide Dollar Spot control. Programmed applications of Musketeer for turf growth suppression or Poa annua conversion have also been shown to suppress Dollar Spot incidence in creeping bentgrass fairways, greens and tees. Research results have shown Musketeer program applications at labeled rates and application intervals can significantly reduce Dollar Spot incidence and populations when compared to untreated control plots.  Musketeer is not intended to replace labeled fungicides; rather programmed use may result in longer or improved control of Dollar Spot in conjunction with conventional fungicides. Thus leading to the potential for an overall reduction in annual fungicide use.

  Poa annua  control following applications of Musketeer ( left ) on a creeping bentgrass/ Poa annua  fairway compared to untreated ( right ).

Poa annua control following applications of Musketeer (left) on a creeping bentgrass/Poa annua fairway compared to untreated (right).

For more information

     For more information about Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, connect with a SePRO Technical Specialist. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.