Legacy offers longer growth control with its superior formulation.

With other solutions you can apply more product, but you won't get longer regulation. With Legacy, a higher rate gets you longer regulation. That’s a product that makes sense.


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Regulating growth with Legacy offers multiple benefits:

Longer control (versus trinexapac-ethyl alone)
Improved turf density
• Higher traffic tolerance
Reduced maintenance
• Reduced clipping yield



At SePRO we understand the importance of regulating and maintaining your turf. Your players want consistency, and so do you. That’s why we’ve created a formula that gives you longer control when compared to trinexapac-ethyl-formulated solutions.

Welcome to Legacy.

  • Water less
  • Mow less
  • Play more

Go greener. Go Legacy.

You know Legacy offers advanced growth regulation. Learn more about its other benefits: