You have enough on your plate without worrying about your turf.

Legacy is formulated to control your turf by providing regulation of general growth and suppression of annual bluegrass. Let us take care of your turf, so you can take care of your portfolio of courses.


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At SePRO, we understand that you want your turf to look its best without increasingly frequent applications. That’s why we’ve created a formula that gives you longer control when compared to trinexapac-ethyl alone.

With Legacy you get:

• Fewer applications and better results
• Improved turf color, striping, and density
• Longer application intervals
• Lower maintenance requirements
• Suppression of annual bluegrass




Improve the player experience. Improve your bottom line.

Go greener. Go Legacy.

At SePRO, we focus on your turf, so you can focus on your portfolio. Learn more about how we create our product with you in mind: