Legacy Formulation

 Legacy Turf Growth Regulator Formulation

     Development efforts with Legacy began with trials conducted with tank mixes of Cutless and Primo MAXX®. These efforts discovered the optimum growth ratio of Type II Class A and B PGRs, which provide superior turfgrass growth regulation and enhancement. This optimum ratio became Legacy, one of the newest turf growth regulators to come to market.

Improved growth regulation

     Multiple university and internal trials have indicated that Legacy provides more clipping control of both bermudagrass and creeping bentgrass compared to equal active ingredient rates per acre of tank-mixes of Cutless and Primo MAXX (see graphs below). Statistical separation is difficult since equal amounts of active ingredients are being applied, however since numerical differences and trends are consistent across several studies, it is likely that Legacy may provide added growth control compared to tank mixes of Cutless and Primo MAXX. The Legacy formulation is a surfactant rich formulation, which may lead to improved uptake and entry of both the active ingredients into the foliage and root system, resulting in improved efficacy. 

Optimum performance ratio

     Multiple years of research lead to the fomulation of Legacy at the optimum ratio of both active ingredients, to provide the greatest turfgrass enhancement and growth regulation. Tank-mixes of Cutless and Primo, although effective, create a greater chance of human error when mixing two products and/or missing the optimum ratio. 

 Clipping yields with Legacy versus equal rates of Cutless MEC/ Primo MAXX tank mix on Creeping Bentgrass.

Legacy in Depth