Legacy Turf Growth Regulator.

You work Long Hours.  Legacy does too. 

You need more out of your growth regulator program.  Legacy suppresses turf growth 50% longer than trinexapac-ethyl alone.  This translates into improved quality, less scalping, and reapplication on your schedule.

Duration and consistency of regulation is important for overall turf health.  By suppressing growth 50% longer than trinexapac-ethyl alone, Legacy widens your window to reapply and maintain suppression – avoiding the flushes in growth that are common to trinexapac-ethyl growth regulation programs.  Flushes in growth result in turf scalping which eliminate green leaf tissue available for photosynthesis – reducing turf health, appearance, stress tolerance, and recoverability. 

Primo MAXX 12 fl oz/A - hybrid bermudagrass        4 weeks after application

Legacy 12 fl oz/A - hybrid bermudagrass                   4 weeks after applicaiton

Benefits of Legacy are not limited to long application intervals:

  • Enhanced growth suppression
  • Improved turfgrass color and quality
  • Reduced “bronzing”
  • Elimination of the “rebound” effect
  • More uniform growth regulation on mixed turfgrass species
  • Stops encroachment of Poa annua
  • Saves labor and fuel associated with mowing
  • Improve water use 11% to 29% compared to nontreated turf

Dual Sites of Action, Multiple Sites of Uptake  

Legacy's dual active ingredients make it the only turf PGR on the market absorbed via the shoots, crowns and roots, ensuring  translocation of active ingredients throughout the plant. 

For more information

For more information about Legacy Turf Growth Regulator or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, connect with a SePRO Technical Specialist. Legacy may not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.

Primo MAXX is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.