Cutless Turf Growth Regulator

Cutless® is the premier PGR providing unsurpassed turf quality and color in both cool- and warm-season turfgrasses and efficiently reducing density in desirable turf stands.  Available in both a liquid (Cutless MEC) and dry (Cutless 50W) formulation, Cutless consistently performs at the highest level to reduce shoot growth and clipping yield resulting in improved aesthetics and playability. Additionally, Cutless promotes plant health and increased stress tolerance.

Unique Chemistry, Outstanding Results

With unique pyrimidine chemistry, Cutless interrupts the functions of gibberellic acid, reducing plant growth rate without sacrificing development.  Individual plant cells continue to divide and grow at a reduced rate. 

  • Inhibited growth of some annual grasses such Poa annua, crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail and annual sedges
  • Increased turf density with reduced mowing requirements
  • Reduced leaf-area results in water conservation increases from 11% to 29
  • Reduced Poa annua populations by as much as 50 - 80% in the first year with programmed applications.
 Cutless Turf Growth Regulator provides excellent control of targeted plants, reducing shoot growth and clipping yield, while improving aesthetics and playability. 

Cutless in Depth

For more information

For more information about Cutless Turf Growth Regulator or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow directions.