A SePRO representative will be in touch to assist you with the application process.

Only SePRO Certified Landscape Applicators get the full benefits available through our training and educational opportunities (including continuing education units).

Plus, CLA’s are eligible for special pricing incentives, including a free Cutless Granular Application System when you meet certain purchase requirements.


Exclusive Educational Opportunities

SePRO CLA’s get exclusive access to training opportunities typically limited to our technical specialists. Many of our training sessions can qualify for continuing education units; plus, they’ll help your team be more successful and more efficient.


Labor Savings with Superior Products

With exclusive offers on Cutless Granular, you’ll save time and money. By causing landscape plants to grow more slowly and more compact, you’ll have lower clipping volume, less fuel and wear-and-tear on equipment, and reduced labor costs.

The Cutless Granular Application System

Only SePRO CLA’s can qualify for a free Cutless Granular Application System when they meet minimum purchase requirements. The system makes it quick and easy to apply Cutless G, covering more square feet in less time.

Get superior education, savings, and equipment.

Take your business to the next level with SePRO's Certified Landscape Applicator Program.