Green Waste and Cutless Granular

Cutless Granular reduces growth of landscape ornamentals.  Good, but what does that mean for business? 

Let’s look at one example from a trial in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on a difficult to regulate viburnum hedge.  In this case we’re looking specifically at green waste production in two hedgerows treated with Cutless G vs. two hedgerows left untreated. 

Immediately prior to the trial a landscape crew trimmed the hedgerows to their desired size. An application of Cutless G was then made.  Application timing was February 1, just before spring flush in the Fort Lauderdale area.  After four months of growth the property manager asked that we trim the shrubs because he was receiving excessive growth complaints for hedges not treated with Cutless Granular.  At this point the hedgerow was trimmed back to its original size by the same landscape crew.  Clippings from the treated and nontreated hedgerow were kept separated, collected, then weighed for comparison. 

In area one Cutless Granular reduced green waste production 56%.  In area two, Cutless Granular reduced green waste production 63%, both compared to the nontreated areas.  This is one example of how Cutless Granular will have a direct influence on your bottom line.  Imagine a 60% reduction of all green waste across your properties.  Now that’s a return on investment.

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Photos of the trial area.  Treated (top) vs. nontreated (bottom)