2017 "Thank A Super" Week

Appreciating the men and women who make golf courses look, and play, this good.

Appreciating the men and women who make golf courses look, and play, this good.

Running from May 8 - 14, National "Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Week" aims to thank the superintendents responsible for keeping your courses playable and sustainable. "If you love golf, you owe much of your enjoyment of the game to superintendents," said Rhett Evans, chief executive officer of the GCSAA. "They diligently work each day to provide excellent playing condition, and they lead the charge on sustainability so the game can remain strong for decades to come."

What are a few notable achievements U.S. superintendents, as a whole, have made in the past decades?

  • Reduced water consumption by almost 22 percent from 2005 to 2013 (saving more than $150 million dollars)
  • Used more recycled water, which now accounts for more than 25 percent of water use on U.S. courses
  • Introduced advanced irrigation systems to further reduce water consumption, while simultaneously reducing total irrigation acreage

So be sure to thank a superintendent the next time you run into one on the course. Or, since Rhett Evans said it better, "If you love golf like I do, then next time you're on the green, offer your thanks for the playability and sustainability of the course. And thank your super with a social media shout out using #ThankASuper."

The original article from Golf Course Architect is available here, or through the link below. 

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