Zio Fungicide

This information is for educational purposes only, and is not an offer to sell. This product is not yet registered or approved for sale in the U.S.  Any sale of this product after registration is obtained shall be based solely on approved product labels, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.

     Easy-to-use, Zio Fungicide features multiple modes of action effective against a broad spectrum of diseases, such as brown patch, pythium and anthracnose. Expected to be EPA-registered for the turf market and available for sale this summer, Zio is the result of three years of research.
     "It's unique Pseudomonas strain that has shown efficacy in greenhouse, lab and university trials against a broad spectrum of pathogens," said Dr. Jeff Atkinson, SePRO portfolio leader for turf and landscape. "When you look at the evolution of biological control and efficacy of biological control, we really see Zio as the next step in activity."
     The first fungicide to come out of AgBiome's Innovations pipeline, they directed technical efforts and field trials while building a relationship with SePRO. "We're very proud of our relationship with SePRO," said Ted Piatt, AgBiome Innovations sales director. "We know that SePRO is a well-established company, marketer and brander of products in the turf and ornamental sector, and that they do a very good job and have a high profile in those areas. They
have expertise on the technical side in sales and marketing in both turf and golf, and then ornamental horticulture."

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