Novel Control Method at Golf Course

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"They love the weeds," said Matt Seitz, general manager at Crazy Horse Sport Club and Golf Course, referring to their newest weed control method. "Especially the poison ivy. I saw them running along and they just stopped and started gobbling it up. It's like candy to them."

The voracious eaters referred to by Seitz are actually 3 female goats, obtained from a friend of his. "We keep them off the fairways and greens," he said. "They're just in the deep rough."

For those of you wondering, yes, you can pet them. "They are really social. They love people. They will come up to you and rub against you. They want to be petted. I thought they might be a little cantankerous, but not these gals. They don't bit, though I did have one try to chew on my pant leg."

The goats, however, are still on a trial period. "If it pans out, if we like what they're doing and people like them, we may get more if needed. If they're too much of a problem or maintenance concern, they may go back to their previous life."

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