Welcome to the Future of Turf Care

Want to invest in a sustainable future for your course?  SePRO is here to help.

We’ve been in this market a long time.  We’ve helped usher in new generations of turf growth management with innovative products and industry-leading research.  And now we’re thrilled to welcome the newest member of our product family! 

Introducing Zio™ Fungicide .*

Here are our top three reasons to love Zio:

Reason Number One: Zio is green

Zio is a uniquely formulated bio-fungicide, which means it occurs naturally.  This is good you your golf course now……and in the future.  This natural formulation also means a reduction in your ecological footprint.

Reason Number Two: Zio slows resistance development

Zio naturally produces several compounds toxic to pathogenic fungi, which means Zio is a great rotational tool for resistance management.

Reason Number Three: Zio is cutting edge

Many of us in the turf management industry have wanted biologicals to work for a long time. We know they’re an important tool for our long term future, but the efficacy has been lacking. Until now. The future is here. And it’s called Zio.

Partner with us to advance the future of turfgrass management. To contact a local rep, visit our official Zio page.


*Regulatory approvals are pending for Zio™ Fungicide. This information is for educational purposes only, and is not an offer to sell. This product is not yet registered or approved for sale or use in the US.