Got a GIS Trip in Your Future?

Here are our bold predictions for GIS 2017!

Prediction One: You are interested in networking and improving the future of your course.

Don’t miss the Opening Night Reception.  Hang out poolside, enjoy complimentary cocktails and apps, and make excellent industry connections.  For more info:

Prediction Two: Like SePRO, you are invested in the future of golf course care and innovation. 

Want to learn more about how to attract and train the next generation of golfers?  Check out Monday’s seminar which combines environmental stewardship and STEM education to energize tomorrow’s stewards of our golf course legacy.

Prediction Three: You may be concerned about your financial future.

Shore up any resource drains and develop a long-term plan with a budget seminar.  

Prediction Four: You know that aquatic management can be tricky.

Check out SePRO’s two-hour seminar on Monday to help take the guesswork out of water feature management.  Learn how to protect your type of water, protect your valued species, and protect the future of your features.

Prediction Five: You might be new to the superintendent gig. Or looking to break into it in the future. 

Check out this seminar geared toward helping you thrive in those first crucial weeks and months.

Prediction Six: You’re concerned about environmental impact.  You wonder what the choices we’re making today mean for the future of our industry.

Check out this track designed with that in mind!

Prediction Seven: The trade show floor will be a little intimidating.

Check out the map of the trade show floor at the link below.  And be sure to stop by the SePRO display (#2367, just northeast of “Inside the Ropes”) for a look into the future of turf care……..

Prediction Eight: You want to know about the latest products and advancements in turf care.

While you’re at our SePRO display (#2367), ask for more information on Zio*. This forward-thinking fungicide give you excellent results with a lower environmental impact. Such a revolutionary innovation lets you feel good about your lasting legacy for future generations.

Prediction Nine: At some point you’ll need a break from the GIS action. 

Check out what else Orlando has to offer!


*Regulatory approvals are pending for Zio™ Fungicide. This information is for educational purposes only, and is not an offer to sell. This product is not yet registered or approved for sale or use in the US.