GCSAA Ambassador and H-2B

 Miacomet Golf Course, Nantucket Island. Credit: miacometgolf.com

Miacomet Golf Course, Nantucket Island. Credit: miacometgolf.com

     With three applications from American citizens in the last five years, Frank Duda relies on H-2B to keep a well-functioning team at the Miacomet Golf Course on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Created in 1987, H-2B offers temporary work visas to applicants, and the number of applicants now rests around 60,000 annually.

     But, according to Duda, it isn't easy. Paperwork is often held up, and for someone who depends on these workers, delays due to processing is not something Duda wants play around with. And that's more or less what he told a senior legislative liaison from the Department of Labor. "I told them that they might not like the program, but it is here to stay, so let's make it easier for everyone." 

     A member of the grassroots ambassador program, Duda is passionate about this program. "I want to see this program be more successful. If you believe in your cause, this grassroots ambassador thing is contagious. When I see the passion of Chava (McKeel, GCSAA director of government affairs), it gets me fired up to want to make a difference for my profession. They really get into it, and it rubs off on you."

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