Overseeding and Colorant Treatments for Bermudagrass

 Tifway 419. Credit: sodfather.com

Tifway 419. Credit: sodfather.com

    Focusing on "Tifway" bermudagrass, a recent 2-year study from Texas A&M University Research Turfgrass Field Laboratory evaluated the effects of winter treatments overseeding and colorant application; this included 1) untreated bermudagrass 2) fall colorant-treated bermudagrass 3) perennial ryegrass overseed bermudagrass and 4) turf-type annual ryegrass overseeded bermudagrass.

     Receiving once weekly supplemental irrigation, the turf was tested for performance, tolerance to simulated traffic and spring transition. The residual benefits of fall colorant application varied; extending into February one year, and late December in the other. "These results indicate that repeat applications are likely necessary to maintain color during winter months, with the number of applications depending on environmental conditions," said Benjamin Wherley, corresponding author of the report.

      Overseeding reduced spring transition for bermudagrass by 40-50% compared with untreated and colorant-treated plots. "Results of the study demonstrate that environmental differences from season to season can impact relative benefits derived from colorant applications, as well as the performance of annual and perennial ryegrass," said the authors.

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