Irish Course Site of Stampede

Woodstock Golf Club. Credit:

Woodstock Golf Club. Credit:

     Woodstock Golf Club in Ireland was recently the site of a cattle stampede. Damaging 10 greens, the herd of around 40 Charolais and Limousin cattle made their way around the course early Saturday morning. "For everyone connected to the club, it has been like as if someone died," said a club spokesperson. "There was a look of shock and horror on the member's faces after they had seen what the cattle have done."

     Councillor Howard, who lives near the course, viewed the footage of the stampede. "I was absolutely shocked that a herd of cattle could cause such damage. It will take quite a while to rectify the damage." Causing divots "two, three and four inches deep on the greens" it will take quite a while to get the course back to its pre-stampede condiiton.

     The full article is available here from the Independent, or through the link available below.

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