Connecticut Course Chases Away Goose Problem

 A Goosinator. Credit:

A Goosinator. Credit:

     "It was like a minefield out there from the geese, especially the back nine," said course regular, James Green. "It got on your shoes, clubs, cart. It'd get into your care and you'd smell that odor. Terrible."

     That is, until a local club donated The Goosinator- a bright orange, propeller-equiped surface-skimming device-  to the Timberlin Golf Club. Able to move by propeller or wheel over grass, sand traps, water, snow or ice, The Goosinator initially required several hours a day to chase away the geese. Now, according to club President and Goosinator operator Peter DeFazio, it only requires a few maintenance hours a week.

     "It's been a huge changes," said assistant director of golf Gary Salvio. "We used to set up blowers at least once a day to clear goose poop off the greens. We don't need to do that anymore."

     The device has become so popular among golfers at the course, the club bar is hoping to add a "Goosinator" drink in the near future (ingredients are still being considered, but Grey Goose will be one of them).

     For the full article from the Hartford Courant click here or on the link available below. Or check out The Goosinator at their website here.