Massachusett's Course Certified Green

A view down the fairway on the 1st. Credit:

A view down the fairway on the 1st. Credit:

     Designated "green" by Audubon International last month, Needham Golf Club will continue as one of 12 courses in Massachusetts to be recognized by the organization as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. Having first entered the program in 2008, the course was required to satisfy requirements in six different categories; all having as their end goal the preservation of local flora and fauna.

     And, according to Tim Hood, Club Superintendent, the hardest part was striking a balance between sustainability and quality conditions for golfers. For instance, the first time he implemented changes to their regimen to allow woodland areas near water sources to grow unimpeded. This led to too much tall grass around wooded areas and waterways, which hampered golfers. Hood has since then found a nice balance.

     For the full article from the Needham Times, click here or on the link available below.

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