Bahiagrass in Well-Maintained Turf

 Bahiagrass. Image Credit: Public Domain,

Bahiagrass. Image Credit: Public Domain,

     In Craven County, NC, stalks of bahiagrass are peeping up along roadsides, in yards, and in other turf areas. Capable of spreading both vegetatively and by seed, this warm-season species is easily recognized by its "Y-shaped" seedhead (image above). Despite its ability to spread aggressively, bahiagrass exhibits low quality overall due to its light color, coarse texture, and open canopy. It is frequently planted deliberately along roadsides due to its ability to tolerate drought conditions.

     However, this drought tolerance is one of the reasons it is highly competitive in well-maintained turf. That is, it's one of the more challenging turf weeds to control once it ends up in your yard.  

     Successful management can take two or three years, and a turf pro may be necessary to get the results you are looking for. However, as a homeowner, it helps to map out the areas of heaviest growth and familiarize yourself with vegetative characteristics of the grass. This link can help you understand bahiagrass better. 

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