New Scottish Island Golf Course

 Satellite image of Jura. Credit: Public Domain,

Satellite image of Jura. Credit: Public Domain,

     About a third of the population of the Scottish island of Jura are currently working on the yet-to-be-finished luxury golf course which is being developed by banker Greg Coffey. With about 20 workers concentrated solely on the course, with another 65 working on other areas of the resort, the increased traffic has been felt by the locals (the island's population was 190 before work began).

     "It's almost a 50 percent population increase for two years," said Andy McCallum, who runs the Jura Hotel on the island. "People are really busy and the island at the moment is stretched to the limit. They have management meetings here at the hotel so there are architects and engineers coming to stay with us twice a month."

     "There is a shortage of accommodation, so they have rented out some holiday homes and some of the workers are staying in one bedroom pods."

     While many of the details surrounding the course and how it will be operated are still up in the air, Willi MacDonald, Ardfin estate manager, says they are currently "just concentrating on finishing it."

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