Hurricane Matthew Troubles Georgia Courses

 An image of a downed tree on a golf course. Image credit: Bunkers Paradise

An image of a downed tree on a golf course. Image credit: Bunkers Paradise

     Weeks away from hosting the Savannah City Amateur, Bacon Park Golf Course (the recent winner of the 2016 Renovation of the Year award by Golf, Inc.) is in uncertain condition. With the waters and wind brought by Hurricane Matthew, over 200 trees were downed, with the majority of the damage residing in fairway-adjacent trees. "The place looks like a war zone," said Fred Elmgren of OC Welch Golf Properties (which owns the course). "It's ridiculously bad with the number of trees that went down. They aren't necessarily on the fairways, but we are going to have to take care of all those downed trees."

     All of which is disconcerting for the course; OC Welch Golf Properties had recently poured $2.5 million into renovations starting in 2014. Elmgren, however, isn't letting the situation get him down. "There's nothing to worry about-- it's just another opportunity to excel. You can either let this storm whip you, or you can whip it."

     Other courses in the area suffered damage from Matthew; due to significant tree damage Henderson Golf Club may not be open for play until Friday, while the six courses at the Landings Club have approximately 1,200 to 1,500 trees down as well. The Landings Club director Steven Freund had said in a press release that eight tree removal crews from Miami, Atlanta and Savannah were already at work on the cleanup.

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