Clemsons Turf Grass Research and Education Field Day

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     "We really work hard to train our teams," said Derek Gracely. "We believe that if our team is empowered with knowledge, we can in turn empower our customers with solutions." Gracely and his team were at the recent Clemson University Turf Grass Research and Education Field Day, learning how to use plant growth retardants to reduce maintenance costs, the latest in nematode and insect control, and cutting-edge irrigation and nutrient-management strategies.

     "There are over one million acres of lawns, hundreds of golf courses and countless sports fields in this state," said Bert McCarty, a Clemson researcher with an expertise in turfgrass weed management. "The Grand Strand of South Carolina is a major golf destination in the country, so it is essential that we continue with research and development, finding better and safer practices and to continue to grow businesses related to the production and maintenance of turfgrass in South Carolina."

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