'The Squeeze'

 'The Squeeze' poster (image via mynegm.com). 

'The Squeeze' poster (image via mynegm.com). 

     From the same director who brought us 'Happy Gilmore,' Terry Jastrow's 'The Squeeze' is a more realistic approach to golf film. That is, it is based on a true story and features some rather convincing golf from Jeremy Sumpter, the film's protagonist, with beautiful cinematography. 

     The story of a young golfer caught up in the high-stakes world of sports' gambling, tension builds until a million-dollar match puts Sumpter's character between two hard places. Well, two dangerous men, really; Riverboat, a professional gambler who brought Sumpter's character into the world of golf gambling, and Jimmy Diamonds, a mobster involved in high-stakes gambling.

     With mixed reviews, most people agree; it's a light entertainment sure to please most golfers out there with its more accurate portrayal of the sport (aside from the film's narrative). 

     Check out a review of it from WorldGolf's Kiel Christianson available here or through the link available below.