Water in the Golf Industry

 Reading Golf Course (upload.wikimedia.org, Anton Ferreira,  PIETSNOR )

Reading Golf Course (upload.wikimedia.org, Anton Ferreira, PIETSNOR)

     With the current discussion of water use in the country, the golf course industry has gotten more than its far share of attention from media outlets. And while the industry as a whole has done a better job of communicating about environmental stewardship and its water-saving practices, many still look at the golf industry with suspicion.

     “I really think the golf industry as a whole is focused on environmental stewardship and understanding of how important it is to the long-term health of the game,” Miller said. “I think there have been better communications within the industry because everyone sees the importance and we have examples and issues to share: new grasses, better irrigation, reclaimed water, drought in the West, cost of water, etc.”

      The original article (available here and through the link below) from Superintendent Magazine calls for more support from those at the front of golf; mainly, announcers and other professionals who have time in front of the camera and can reach a national (or international) audience.