Course Practice Facilities

University of Minnesota practice facility (

University of Minnesota practice facility (

     While not everyone has the time, or money, to play a full round of golf every day- or even every week- practice facilities offer a great variety of play conditions, and lessons, for golfers to enjoy in a short amount of time. And, as market trends show, golfers are finding this is a good solution for busy schedules; on average they are spending more time practicing than playing full rounds (it's just easier to squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour of practice than play a 4 to 5 hour round).

     Which means courses that feature practice facilities have the potential for increased revenue versus courses which do not. And, while not every course has the money, people or space for a large practice facility, many can afford a facility tailored to their community. Whether that be instructors, reversible courses, indoor hitting bays or golf simulators, a carefully planned practice facility can do a lot with a little space. 

     Check out this article here or through the link below to learn more about the benefits to courses, and to players, that practice courses offer. 

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