CA Courses Confront Drought

Dairy Creek (

Dairy Creek (

    Despite using reclaimed water and reducing water consumption by more than 25%, the parks department of San Luis Obispo County's three courses- Morro Bay, Dairy Creek and Chalk Mountain- are having to deal with a fourth year of exceptional drought. And, whether it's letting fairways go brown or replanting with more drought-tolerant grass, efforts are having an effect on the courses and their playability. 

     "Golfers have to think a lot more than they usually do about what the ball will do when it lands, making club selection and targets significantly more important than they usually are," said Nick Franco, county parks director. And this, perhaps, is what has led to declining revenue at some courses. "Dairy Creek suffered a loss of 45 percent of our rounds from July to November last year, and as our turf begins to tun hues of brown this year, we are preparing for losses to possibly be even greater," said Josh Heptig, county golf superintendent.

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