Proposed Changes for Ohio Golf Tax

Ohio State's course (image via 

Ohio State's course (image via 

     Golf courses in Ohio may be getting a break on their property tax, and not everyone is happy about it. While commercial property is typically taxed based off recent sales and similar property types, a base valuation of their highest use (most often housing development), or the base value of income generated, the new tax law would require golf courses to be taxed based off only their income.

     And while the change has been kicked around the state legislature for six years now, it is opposed by county auditors as it would typically generate the lowest results. Others, however, think the change is needed. "The golf courses have all fallen on hard times, in part because the cities own golf courses and pay no tax," said Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, who proposed the income-based appraisal.

     For the full article, check out the link available below. 

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