Fly Cage Hopes to Improve Course Experience

A horse-fly ( 

A horse-fly ( 

     Tom Pray of Ecotech Pest Control Control Services, LLC, will set out a few Fly Cages this summer on the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club in hope of curbing their deerfly problem. Particularly on holes 10, 11 and 12, where the deer-flies are most present in early morning hours. "In those early morning rounds they can chase you around and make it unpleasant," said Richard Luff, president of Sagamore-Hampton. 

     The Fly Cage, developed in part off Pray's work building greenhead traps as an undergrad, is designed to catch biting flies of the family tabanidae, which include greenheads, deerflies and horseflies. The Cage, which employs mechanical means to capture the flies, features a black ball hanging beneath a cube-shaped mesh tent. The black balls mimic the underside of large mammals such as cows, luring the biting flies in; however, once they realize it is not flesh they instinctively fly upward, where they become trapped between two layers of mesh. 

     For the full article check out the link available below. 

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