Golf Course Architecture Reflects on Past 10 Years

The Old Course at St. Andrews. (Image via

The Old Course at St. Andrews. (Image via

     Spanning 2005 to the current day, Golf Course Architects reflective piece focuses on courses designed and renovated within the period and changes to the industry itself. And there have been many changes; with the boom period of the 90s and early 2000s coming to an end, the period saw the shift from increasing, or stable, golf course openings, to the current state of more courses closing than opening. From a golf architect-standpoint, that means the number of actively practicing architects has reduced by a third, according to some estimates. 

     The same period, however, saw golf design become a more international affair; with high-end courses appearing in Asia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa at an increasing rate. Not only that, at home focus has shifted from the design of new courses, to the renovation of older, successful clubs. 

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