Environmental Stewards on the Course

Mill Creek Golf (image via golfmillcreek.com)

Mill Creek Golf (image via golfmillcreek.com)

     Every November, Mill Creek Golf Club drains their irrigation system to prevent freezing, and every spring they recharge it with treated waste-water from the Mill Creek Water Reclamation District. The use of treated water is just part of their, and many golf courses', commitment to the environment.    

     "I think word on the street is that golf courses are just huge polluters," said Todd Schmitz, Phillip Parks Golf Course superintendent. "Roughly 20 to 30 years ago there was a shift. We are Audubon certified and the mission is to not be a polluter." 

     To find out more about these two courses, and steps others are taking to reduce their environmental footprint, check out the article available below. 

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