Goose Problem, Unique Solution

 Not the course (image via

Not the course (image via

     In Butte, Montana, geese took over the Highland View Golf Course, causing $15,000 of damage. "You couldn't avoid them, you know," said veteran golfer Inge O'Mara. "It was on the green, next to the green, in the fairways. You have to step around - and the smell. Everything was terrible."

     "People would call and say 'Are the geese in yet?'" said John Mulcahy, superintendent at the course. "And if they are, they won't come and play because they're just a mess." 

     But the course found a solution in Patti, a border collie and Australian shepherd mix. And, according to Mulcahy, the cost of dog food and tennis balls is significantly less than the amount of damage done by the geese. 

     "They just kind of fly over and every once in a while you'll see some that will touch down, and he'll take off after them and chases [sic] them right to the fence."

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