USGA Helps Fund Research Projects

     The USGA contributed $50,000 to the GCSAA, to help them fund new research projects for 2015. The funds, earmarked to support the GCSAA Chapter Cooperative Research Program, will help local turfgrass researchers in projects that "address a significant local issue for superintendents." 

     "Research provides the foundation to continually advance the long-term health of the game of golf," said Kimberly Erusha, Ph.D., managing director, USGA Green Section. "The USGA is proud to invest in agronomic research that supports scientists in their own regions. The Chapter Cooperative Research Program provides established infrastructure that realizes our goal to support a healthy, sustainable game, both locally and globally." 

     $400,000 has also be contributed to the EIFG (Environmental Institute for Golf) by the USGA