66 Illegal Courses Shut Down

Image via static.guim.co.uk

Image via static.guim.co.uk

     China- "Golf is a politically taboo topic and tightly linked to corruption," said Dan Washburn, at a speech at the Foreign Correspondent's Club in Hong Kong. "No golf course is being built in China without government involvement." 

     All the courses being demolished and/or shut down were built illegally after the 2004 ban on new course construction. And while this is the most recent, it isn't the only action against golf in China's recent history; Mao Zedong's, after his 1949 rise to power, had many courses dug up or re-purposed. 

     Rumors have it that as many as 100 additional courses will be closed in the coming year. Check out the full article from forbes.com through the link below. 

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