Pros and their Clothes

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     "I'm a feel player, and I need to make sure I'm not restricted in any way," said Bubba Watson, two-time Masters champion, "And of course you want to look cool. Whether you are cool or not, you want to make sure you try and look the part." 

     As with many Pros, Bubba's outfits are chosen through a business arrangement; Bubba's is with Oakley. "Scripting is created by selecting innovative and disruptive pieces that define the brand," said Melissa Monarque, associate product line manager of golf apparel for Oakley. "When choosing what styles our athletes should wear, our goal is to tell a visual story that disrupts the golf market." 

     As for Bubba, he says he won't wear anything that doesn't feel right, as he views his clothes as equipment to facilitate his game, but that he doesn't offer a lot of input because Oakley knows what it's doing.  

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