Environmental Benefits of Turfgrass

 Dogs enjoy turf grass too (image via dogfriendlygarden.com)

Dogs enjoy turf grass too (image via dogfriendlygarden.com)

     While it is common to read, or hear, about golf courses cutting water consumption, reducing fertilizer use and/or making other changes to reduce the maintenance requirements of their turf grass (especially in drought-affected areas), one doesn't hear about the benefits of all that turf grass too often. However, a recent paper by Dr. James B. Beard and Dr. Robert L. Green focuses on just that.

    Entitled  "The Role of Turfgrasses in Environmental Protection and Their Benefits to Humans," here are some bullet points from their article, as seen on golfcourseindustry.com. Turf grass provides, 

- Soil erosion control and dust stabilization 

- Groundwater recharge and surface water quality 

- Organic chemical decomposition 

- Soil improvement and restoration 

- Heat dissipation/temperature moderation

- Noise abatement and glare reduction 

- Decrease of noxious pests, reduced allergy-related pollens and human disease exposure

- Security for vital installations and lower fire hazard

     Beyond these benefits the researchers also cite improved mental health, social harmony and productivity for those able to enjoy turf grass. 

     For the full article check out the link below.