Tree Removal at Oakbrook

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     Oakbrook Golf & Country Club in Lakewood, WA, is in the process of removing more than 400 large trees, mostly firs, from the 124-acre public course. 

     "The primary motivation is turf and turf health," said Mike Moore, chief executive of course owner RMG Club. Mature fir trees can drink up to 800 gallons of water a day, said Moore, leaving nothing for turf. 

     Over the last decade the removal has been advocated for by USGA officials and agronomists, and since such a large-scale removal can be contentious for residents, a public meeting was held in January to inform residents. The meeting seems to have gone well; homeowners whose property borders the course had between 75 to 100 trees removed by RMG at their request. 

     "The name of this neighborhood is Oakbrook, not Firbrook," quipped Moore. "Fir trees have taken over and become dominant." 

     For more information on course openings and course restoration, check out the link available below.