"Save a Tree, Use This Tee"

     Made of natural fertilizer, the inventors behind "Save a Tree, Use This Tee" hope to offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to wooden tees. While the addition of fertilizer may not be desirable on all courses, and by all superintendents, the inventors are hoping the small, biodegradable, tire-friendly tees will be a success on golf courses around the country. 

     "Golf Pros and their staff at most country clubs will offer members a free cart if they collect broken tees," said Ruben Huerta, inventor. "The Save a Tree, Use This Tee does not require individual golfers or members to pick up broken or forgotten and discarded tees. At the same time this tee is an attractive golf product to sell in the pro shop as players register. 

     For more information, check out the link available below.