New Kentucky Bluegrass Variety

     With a low-growing canopy and the ability to maintain green leaves beneath mowing height, My Holiday Lawn, developed by Dr. Doug Brede, is a Kentucky bluegrass that "can be mowed as little as once a month." Developed to provide a surface that looks as good even after a fresh mow, My Holiday Lawn aims to reduce overall lawn maintenance. 

     "The really good news is that in addition to its compact canopy, My Holiday Lawn is beautiful turf," said Brede. "It will likely be the most attractive lawn on the block. You'll enjoy less mowing, along with a lush, fine leaved, dark green stand of pest resistant grass." 

    My Holiday Lawn is marketed for use on golf course roughs, school yards, residential construction sites, home lawns and other areas where low-maintenance, attractive turf is desired. 

     Check out the link below for more information.