Octane: Turn up the Heat

     Tis the season for cool nights, fall colors, college football, and slowed plant metabolism.  

 Turn up the Heat!

Turn up the Heat!

     For any herbicide to be effective it must reach its site of activity within a target plant and the plant must be actively growing for the active ingredient to have the desired effect. In addition, this must all occur in a timely fashion to avoid complaints from golfers, homeowners, or anyone else with an opinion about the (perceived) effectiveness of a weed management program.

     In general, contact herbicides are often generalized as tools for use on tough-to-control weeds in the middle of growing season, when many of these weeds are at their most difficult stage to control. The benefit and effectiveness of including a contact herbicide such as Octane (pyraflufen-ethyl) is not limited to the heart of growing season however.

      As plant growth slows down with cooler air temperatures, kill speed of many systemic herbicides will also slow. Because of this, Octane remains an important tool during cooler months. Due to its rapid, contact mode-of-action inclusion of Octane in a tank mix with systemic herbicides this time of year is a great way to ensure your weed control program will continue to show effective, rapid results.

     As temperatures drop this fall, heat up your tank with Octane.