2015 Green Star Award Winning Course

     A north Michigan golf course has been honored with the Golf Digest 2015 Green Star award, a course which four years ago was a cherry farm up for a sell at a sheriff's auction. 

     "We had a golf course here years ago that brought in a lot of business to the village and when it closed the village went down a little bit," said Northrop Creek Golf Course president, Bill Collins, who purchased the cherry farm and developed the property. "And when this piece of property came up for sale at a sheriff's auction I looked at it and said maybe we could build a golf course here and get more people coming back into Northport."

     Among the many environmentally friendly practices at the course, 200 solar panels power the club house, irrigation and wells, and even charge the electric golf carts (their electric bill is zero, and they even receive credits during the winter time). 

     Collins, who still owns the management company and solar panels, donated the course, buildings and maintenance equipment to the Village of Northport in November of last year. 

     The full article is available here or through the link below.