Golf for Conferencing and Corporations

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     With the recent trouble in the golf course industry, success stories are, fortunately, becoming more common. “Clubs had to reinvent themselves a little bit,” said Bradley Forge, an owner of Corporate Golf Solutions, discussing how many clubs have invested, successfully, in upgrading their corporate and conferencing facilities; “the whole corporate and conferencing side of their business has now become a very important income generator,” he said referring to Bryanston Country Club, an affiliate. 

     Forge also believes that golf, unlike any other sport, helps foster brand communication and customer loyalty. “Golf is unique in that it is one of few sports where you’ve literally got half a day with your customer. The social element to the golf [sic] is why the sport is used to do business.”

     To learn more about clubs’ refocusing their investments, and Forge’s opinions on the industry, check out the full article through the link below.

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