Saturday Drive... On the Range

     A Houston man decided to take his Jaguar for a spin on the local driving range. Patrons, who quickly noticed the white vehicle, began to pelt it with golf balls until the course staff could coral the driver into a corner. No arrests were made, but we imagine the car was a little worse for the wear.  

Night Golf in Florida

Suncoast, image via

Suncoast, image via

     With LED lights installed on the nine-hole, par-3 course and its driving range, Suncoast Golf Center & Academy has been dubbed the only lighted golf course- allowing night play- in the Manatee County region of Florida. “Here it never gets dark,” said Scott Lamoureaux, director of golf operations and part owner, “these new lights will make a difference… there will be no dark spots at all.”

     With wine and beer sold on-site, pro shop, synthetic turf inside an air-condition Golf Academy and many other amenities, it’s the perfect place for locals to unwind with a few holes after sunset (the course is open till 10pm). “We definitely want to be recognized as a great value,” said Lamoureaux, “our goal is to maintain really nice conditions, but [also to] maintain exceptional values.”

Plane Crash-Lands on Texas Golf Course

Not the plane which crashed in Texas (via

Not the plane which crashed in Texas (via

     “He was afraid he was going to hit our house, God bless the man, so he decided he would ditch it into the lake,” said Darlene Collingsworth, a neighbor who called 911 as her husband talked to the pilot, who managed to swim to safety. With no damage to the golf course, or the pilot, the only casualties in the crash landing were the airplane and local residents’ nerves. “[The pilot] actually did a great job of getting the plane on the ground,” said Mike Glenn, director of golf at Prestonwood. “Of course, he ran out of land but did an amazing job not to hit anything.”

Algae Control in Turf

Algae can show up on the golf course in poorly drained soil where close cutting has aided in competition. (image via

Algae can show up on the golf course in poorly drained soil where close cutting has aided in competition. (image via

     Containing chlorophyll, but lacking roots, stems and leaves, algae are photosynthetic primitive plants found pretty much everywhere (including polar ice caps and volcanic heat vents). So it's not surprising when algae shows ups up on the golf course, competing with turf for space, light, nutrition and water.

     Not resulting from aquatic algae via ponds, streams or lakes, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) is similar to algae in turf, appearing in shaded, damp turf areas and thin or week turf. It is often a precursor to moss infestations.

Junction & Pentathlon for Algae Control

     While cultural practices that limit algal growth are important, solutions are available to control algae once it has become established  


     With proven performance on algae and major turfgrass diseases such as Brown Patch and Leaf Spots, Pentathlon’s multi-site mode of activity and low risk of resistance development make it an excellent choice as a foundation product in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. With excellent tenacity and no dye, Pentathlon is ideal for use on highly maintained turf grass.  


     Active on 11 pathogens and on moss, Junction’s broad-spectrum fungicide provides quick knock-down of Pythium and control of Rhizoctonia, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium, algae and moss.  

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